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Prescreening Interviews

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How to Ace a Prescreening Interview
Prescreening/Exploratory Interviews

A condensed screening of qualifications to explore whether there’s a general fit and to see if it makes sense to move forward with a more formal interview. These are normally conducted by a gatekeeper…

Initial Face-to-Face Interviews

An in-depth conversation about the specific skills and qualifications of a position to discover if there’s a mutually beneficial fit. This gets into a much higher level of questioning and typically includes…

Hiring Manager Interviews

An interview with your future boss and a key decision maker covering all aspects of a position including the working relationship. This meeting will include questions about the specific competencies needed…

Shortlist Competition Interviews

The final stretch where candidates are being compared and contrasted to identify the best overall fit for a position. Here’s where mastering your story while being well prepared yet authentic will help to…

Final or Closing Interviews

This last “reality-check” interview often repeats critical questions and focuses on areas of concern for either party. It may involve salary and benefits questioning as well as a request for references.

Behavioral Interviews

Also called a situational interview, these interviews try to determine how you might perform in their situation by looking at past experiences and behavior. Learn techniques for responding to behavioral…

Case Interviews

Interviews with case questions to test your reasoning and analytical skills as well as your ability to think on your feet. Also expect brainteasers, market sizing and thought provoking questions that examine…

Inappropriate Questions Interviews

Questions that are generally considered inappropriate to ask in an interview, but sometimes get asked anyway so you’ll need to know how to react and respond. Get coaching on the best ways to handle…

Informational Interviews

An informational meeting with someone working in an industry or field that is of interest so you can learn about career options and network with insiders.

Elevator/Career Fair Interviews

A short meet and greet where you have a chance to give your elevator speech and tell your story. This may be less of an interview and more of an introduction of what you have to offer and in what ways…


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Develop and apply biostatistical theory and methods to the study of life sciences.

Electrical Engineering Technologists

Assist electrical engineers in such activities as process control, electrical power distribution, or instrumentation design.

Investment Underwriters

Manage communications or negotiations between corporate issuers of securities and clients regarding private equity investments.