Increase access to quality career resources.

Ensure every job seeker has access to career tools, video coaching and a network of support.

Help job seekers explore careers and understand what it takes to become successful in an occupation.

Help job seekers inventory competencies, identify gaps and learn how to improve.

Provide tools, assessments and support to help people reinvent themselves.

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Bring together stakeholders to improve outcomes.

Provide a space for competency-based career development.

Help job seekers identify, demonstrate and signal marketable skills.

Help educators connect learning to workforce needs.

Help employers discover a more diverse and qualified workforce.

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Advance competency-based training and hiring.

Promote the shift from pedigree hiring to competency-based hiring.

Support programming that emphasizes competencies discovery and filtering to close the skills gap.

Improve signaling between employers, job seekers and training providers.

Facilitate competency-based career pathways and sector strategies.

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