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Foundational Competencies

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Transferable Skills

Personal Effectiveness Competencies Outcomes

Essential competencies often referred to as soft skills by employers.

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Interpersonal Skills

Demonstrating the ability to work effectively with others.


Displaying accepted social and work behaviors.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Displaying the capability to adapt to new, different, or changing requirements.

Workplace Competencies Outcomes

Skills and abilities that allow individuals to function in an organizational setting.

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Customer Focus

Actively looking for ways to meet customer or client needs.

Business Ethics

Act in the best interests of the company, your co-workers, your community, other stakeholders, and the environment.


Working cooperatively with others to complete work assignments.



Use employer-validated competencies to guide professional development.

Academic Competencies Outcomes

Critical competencies learned in the academic setting, cognitive functions and thinking styles.

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Critical & Analytical Thinking

Using logical thought processes to analyze information and draw conclusions.

Information Literacy

Functional and critical thinking skills related to information, media, and technology.


Listening, speaking, and signaling so others can understand (with accommodation if necessary).

Industry-Wide Technical Competencies Outcomes

Knowledge, skills and abilities needed by all occupations within an industry.

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Allied Health – Health Industry Fundamentals

Understanding the basic components and culture of the Health Industry.

Information Technology – Databases and Applications

The use of technology to control and safeguard the collection, organization, structure, processing and delivery of data.

Entrepreneurship – Innovation & Invention

Formulating new ideas for and applications of processes and products.

Industry-Specific Technical Competencies Outcomes

Knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics needed by all occupations within an industry segment.

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Allied Health – Patient Interaction

Interacting with a patient or client in a safe, informative, respectful, and effective manner with the goal of communicating medical information or providing patient-centered care.

Electronic Health Records - Privacy and Confidentiality of Health Information

Using standard documentation procedures to collect and communicate appropriate health information within legal and regulatory requirements.

Mechatronics – Controls

Using hardware and software to maintain consistent operation of processes, unit operations and systems of processes and unit operations.

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