Know-how for job seekers and employers.

Job Seeker Resource

Developing an Elevator Speech

Career Management Resources

The Optimal Resume Strategy

Learn about the Optimal Resume Strategy and how to position your resume to your greatest advantage.

Top 10 Tips for Developing a Portfolio

Recognize the ways you can tailor your portfolio and use it as a sales tool in the interview process. Build your portfolio, your brand and your reputation to make you an attractive candidate.

Negotiating and Weighing Job Offers

Recognize best practices for how to maneuver the job offer process and learn about the basics of negotiation.

Career Exploration Resources

Occupations and O*NET

Explore occupational information to help you identify your career options using data from the Occupational Information Network sponsored by the US Department of Labor.

Researching an Employer

Discover what you need to know about an employer and the most sought after qualities they’re looking for. Set yourself apart from other candidates by knowing what to research and know about in advance.

Informational Interviewing

Learn about informational interviewing and how you can use it to network, learn about your best career options and possibly uncover job opportunities.


Get Motivated.

Gear up for your job search or next hire with video tutorials.

Interview Skills Resources

Behavioral Interviewing Using STAR

Unearth the keys to successfully respond to behavioral questions and learn how to communicate your qualifications and accomplishments using success stories.

Interview Appearance

Build self-esteem and confidence in the interview through advanced preparation in the areas of appearance and body language, and make a great first impression.

Following Up After the Interview

Get familiar with the strategies and tactics for how to follow up after the interview in a way that maximizes your prospects for moving forward in the hiring process.

Networking Resources

Introduction to Networking and Communities

Get introduced to how networking and communities work and learn about how you can build your network by joining communities and developing personal relationships.

Top 10 Tips for Getting Started with Networking and Communities

Use these tips as a guide for helping you to get started to be a productive networker.

Diving into Networking and Communities

Learn how to make your network more dynamic by interacting and generating interest and enthusiasm among your network contacts.

Resources for Employers

Building an Employer Brand

Explore the most recent basics for building an employer brand with the goal of attracting and retaining the best talent possible.

New Hire Onboarding

Recognize why onboarding is so important and check out ways it can be improved on.

Creating a Positive Interview Environment

Recognize the importance of your interview environment and promote how your organization is a welcoming and good place to work.