Communication - Speaking and Presenting Rubric


Communication - Speaking and Presenting Rubric

Effectively expressing information to individuals and groups.

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InterviewUp (02/20/2017)

Competency Contributors
    Occasionally 1 Often 2 Consistently 3
Articulates clearly passion, vision, venture, and commitment. 1x
Distinguishes when to use personal vs. business, private vs. public communication styles. 1x
Explains the technical aspects and benefits of an engineering project to nontechnical audiences. 1x
Expresses information to individuals or groups taking into account the audience and the nature of the information (e.g., explain technical concepts to non-technical audiences). 1x
Influences others; present thoughts and ideas persuasively; gain commitment and ensure support for proposed ideas. 1x
Keeps language simple and appropriate for the audience's level of knowledge of the subject. 1x
Pays attention to listener responses and react appropriately to those responses. 1x
Plans, prepares, and delivers an oral presentation with appropriate visual aids, handouts, and/or other support materials. 1x
Presents information in a logically organized manner. 1x
Provides or receives translation when necessary, to be understood by others. 1x
Speaks clearly and confidently using common English conventions including proper grammar, tone, and pace. 1x
Speaks clearly and succinctly to convey information correctly. 1x
Tracks audience responses and reacts appropriately to those responses. 1x
Understands and uses non-verbal communication consistent with verbal communication. 1x
Uses standard sentence structure and appropriate grammar. 1x